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5 Ways To Use PPACA To Increase Sales

PPACA has caused a lot of confusion for business owners and potential clients. However, there are several ways insurance agents can benefit from the unawareness stirring in the marketplace. Here are 5 ways to use PPACA to increase sales, created by You can review the article in more detail by clicking on the link at the bottom.

1. "Show how your personal service is superior to any federal or state exchange."

2. "Help potential clients understand the advantages of accessing your professional expertise vs. 'self-help' in the federal and state exchange."

3. "Be the 'leader of PPACA' with your clients. Make sure you have HR360's PPACA checklists, tools, and website to transform yourself into the fearless leader all your clients and prospects will depend on."

4. "Email your clients the latest PPACA updates to get the competitive edge."

5. "Consider federal and state exchange training. Get certified to show that you can get clients the best plan either inside or outside the exchange."



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Written by Lillian Shapiro -President of HR360

Topics: online marketing