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6 Ted Talks Every Insurance Agent Should Have Bookmarked

As an insurance agent, you’re expected to have a certain degree of knowledge and understanding of all things insurance. That knowledge will serve you well and halfway equip you to be successful. So what’s the other half of the equation?

The other half is being able to sell your knowledge, and that part isn’t quite as black and white as understanding regulations and memorizing plan details.

The whole point of Ted Talks is to spread ideas and inspire people just like you to become the most successful version of themselves.

The following six talks cover a range of sales topics that will hopefully spark some new ideas that you can implement into your insurance selling strategy.

  1. The Puzzle of Motivation – Dan Pink

    “There is a mismatch between what science knows and what business does.”

    What is the mismatch? In this Ted Talk, former Whitehouse speech writer turned career analyst Dan Pink delves into the much debated topic of intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation. Using the famous Candle Problem Experiment developed by renowned psychologist Karl Duncker, Pink discusses the science behind how we motivate our employees and the impact it has on productivity and creativity.

  2. The Walk from “No” to “Yes” – William Ury

    “There’s a lot of conflict, and the questions is: how do we deal with our differences? How do we deal with our deepest differences, given the human propensity for conflict?

    Conflict is something we all encounter on a day-to-day basis, whether in our personal or professional lives. When working in any sales-related field, you will run into people who respond in unexpected ways.

    American author and anthropologist William Ury uses his experience as a negotiator in some of the scariest global conflicts (including those in the Middle East and the former Soviet Union) to teach us a lesson about conflict resolution and the importance of listening to others in order to obtain a mutually-desired outcome.

  3. A Sale is a Love Affair – Jack Vincent

    “Customers know you want to get them to love you, but what they really want is for you to love them, because love is part of building trust, and trust is the biggest element of a sale.”

    Once you get past the slightly off-the-wall concept, there’s a wealth of things to learn from this Ted Talk. Known as “a poet in a business suit,” seasoned author and sales advisor Jack Vincent takes a unique approach to selling and goes out on a limb to say that you should treat every sale like a romantic relationship. From courting to sealing the deal, following the rules of love is the new sales strategy.

  4. Want to Help Someone? Shut Up and Listen! – Ernesto Sirolli

    “If people do not wish to be helped, leave them alone. This should be the first principle of aid. The first principle of aid is respect.”

    In his younger years, Ernesto Sirolli spent a fair amount of time working for a non-government organization addressing the needs of people in Africa. He realized that every project the organization attempted failed. Frustrated and bewildered, he set out to determine why nothing was going according to plan.

    This Ted Talk will give you a great insight into why some things don’t go as expected and how to alter your strategy in order to be successful. The answer is simpler than you may think.

  5. How to Make Stress Your Friend – Kelly McGonigal

    “Hopefully the next time your heart is pounding from stress, you're going to remember this talk and you're going to think to yourself, “this is my body helping me rise to this challenge.” And when you view stress in that way, your body believes you, and your stress response becomes healthier.”

    Anyone who works in sales can attest to the fact that stress comes with the territory. In one of the most popular Ted Talks of all time, Kelly McGonigal, an innovative health psychologist, discusses the scientifically-proven ways to make your stress beneficial to you.

  6. Why We Do What We Do – Tony Robbins

    “What I would like to invite you to do by the end of this talk is explore where you are today, for two reasons: One: so that you can contribute more. And two: that hopefully we cannot just understand other people more, but appreciate them more, and create the kinds of connections that can stop some of the challenges that we face today.”

Motivation is one of the single most important factors when it comes to selling –              understanding not only what people want and need but why they want and need it. Arguably one of the most well-known and respected motivational speakers in the world, Tony Robbins examines the outside forces that influence people’s behavior and how to hone in on these, not only in others, but within yourself.

The most important thing to keep in mind when watching these talks is that all of the speakers have one major thing in common: incredible success.

As you listen to the advice and stories throughout these videos, think about your customers, employees, and yourself. If you put real effort into implementing some of these ideas, then you’re sure to see a positive impact on your business

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