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7 Ways to Use Twitter in Your Social Selling Strategy

Twitter is a social media platform that allows users to post tweets, or short messages, which can include links, images, and videos. It is a great way for insurance brokers to consume news and timely information, follow events as they occur, communicate with other users, and share content.

Here are 7 ways to start incorporating Twitter into your sales strategy.

1. Create Your Twitter Page

Creating your Twitter profile is easy. Just upload your avatar (this can be a headshot) and cover image, create a short bio with relevant keywords, and link to your website.

Check out Canva for an easy way to design a compelling cover page.

2. Follow Users and Grow Your Followers

Once you've created your Twitter page, start following relevant users. Examples may include insurance industry influencers, sales strategy experts, local businesses, and local media. Following other users will also help you to start growing your followers, since Twitter can be a bit quid pro quo.

To start growing your followers, add a link to your Twitter page on your website, on all of your emails, and on your marketing and sales materials. You can also use your other social media pages to promote your page. Finally, if you want to build your followers quickly, you can run a Twitter ad campaign to target relevant users to follow your page.

Remember: don't purchase followers! When you purchase followers, they are almost always fake accounts — or, at the very least, not relevant to your business, which means your engagement rate will be low.

Furthermore, other users will see that your followers are a bunch of phonies (or even worse, at times they can be very inappropriate in their bio and avatar content) and that will decrease your credibility.

3. Create Lists

Next, organize your followers into lists. Twitter enables you to create lists of users to filter your feed to the content you want to see at that moment. For example, you might create a list of local business reporters to help you engage with them for PR purposes, or you might create a list of sales bloggers to learn about new sales techniques and strategies.

4. Engage with Prospects and Customers

Use your lists and Twitter's search feature to engage in conversation with potential prospects and position yourself as a thought leader. If you use a tool like HubSpot, you can match your prospects and customers' email addresses in your database with their Twitter profiles to create lists and monitor conversations.

5. Share Useful Content

Twitter is a content sharing platform, so start sharing your blogs, useful content you find online, and any other content you create. Use hashtags so users can easily find your tweets if they are interested in learning more about the topic you are covering.

Keep in mind that each tweet has a lifetime of about 30 seconds, so sharing a blog post multiple times in a week or even a day is fine — and even advisable.

Tweeting your content can also help with enhancing your website's SEO, since Google looks for social signals when assessing a page's quality and relevance.

6. Share Video

Twitter users love video, especially on mobile devices. Do you have insurance topics you could cover in quick, 15-second educational videos? Get out your iPhone, start filming, and share the content you create. Don't forget to hash tag your tweets!

7. Enhance Your PR Strategy

Twitter can be a good way to engage with reporters and even generate a story about your business. If you see a local reporter covering a topic that is relevant to your business, let them know you are available for an interview.

Sometimes, reporters will also use Twitter to ask for leads on stories. Have a few ideas ready to share


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