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Insurance Definitions: In Plain Language

Insurance definitions can be really confusing. Many companies fill brochures will technical jargon, buzz words, and insurance terms that no one really understands. Insurance definitions should be simple and easy to comprehend because understanding health insurance is crucial. Below, you will find a list of common insurance words and definitions that are easy to understand.

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How to Effectively Communicate with Clients

In most cases, being able to communicate with clients can make or break a deal. Learning to speak properly and persuasively can be the reason that you become successful or not. Taking these tips into consideration can help you communicate with clients and improve sales.

Listen. The most important thing is that the client is aware that you are listening, and recognizes your interest in their concerns, along with actually listening as well. Engage, nod, and respond with "I see", for example. Listen to their entire concern before you interrupt or jump in with your own thoughts and ideas.

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