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What the Implementation of the New ACA Provisions Means for Insurance Agents

As you already know, the major provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are now taking effect. But what do these dramatic changes in the U.S. healthcare landscape mean for insurance agents?

This article will describe what the opening of the Health Insurance Marketplace and enactment of the ACA’s “individual mandate” provision means for consumers. It will also provide some information and resources to help you handle some of the inevitable questions that consumers are going to ask.

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Insurance Infographic: Insights On Using Social Media And Why It's Effective

Companies are constantly experimenting with how to use social media to increase sales. In the insurance market, engaging and interacting with online users has changed the industry and opened a whole new world of networking opportunities. LeadSift recently released an analysis of leading insurance companies using social media, and how they use it to become more effective in their marketing and sales efforts. More than 3.7 million posts and a series of surveys were collected and developed into this valuable infographic. Here are a few insights that we've gathered from the data provided below:

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4 Articles To Help Improve Your Insurance Marketing

Successful insurance agents are always looking for new ways to market themselves and their products. However, time is essential when simultaneously managing clients and trying to grow your marketing efforts. Therefore, we've put together a short list of valuable articles to help you market your business and products more efficiently.

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Closing The Sale: Handling Client Objections

Handling objections from clients when trying to close a sale is a natural part of the sales process. However, your ability to handle the situation can determine how successful you are as a sales professional. Despite how hard you may try, remember that not every client objection can be solved or overcome. The best sales professionals must be prepared, knowledgeable, and able to understand exactly what the client desires and needs. Here are a few tips to help you handle clients who are "riding the fence" while trying to close a sale...

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5 Ways To Use PPACA To Increase Sales

PPACA has caused a lot of confusion for business owners and potential clients. However, there are several ways insurance agents can benefit from the unawareness stirring in the marketplace. Here are 5 ways to use PPACA to increase sales, created by You can review the article in more detail by clicking on the link at the bottom.

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