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Helping New Employees Acclimate to Your Work Culture

Being a new employee in any office or job is intimidating. As a supervisor, manager, or boss, it is part of your job to help new employees acclimate to the culture and environment of your office. You help set the tone of the entire office, and this new hire is relying on you for support and guidance.

Onboarding a new hire can be difficult. Here are helpful tips on helping new employees acclimate to your work culture.

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Insurance Definitions: In Plain Language

Insurance definitions can be really confusing. Many companies fill brochures will technical jargon, buzz words, and insurance terms that no one really understands. Insurance definitions should be simple and easy to comprehend because understanding health insurance is crucial. Below, you will find a list of common insurance words and definitions that are easy to understand.

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Sales Strategies: Become a Better Insurance Agent

Insurance agents are responsible for helping the community find appropriate protection for their health. In order to be a better agent, employing competitive sales strategies will help with your success. Here are some sales strategies to help you be a better insurance agent.

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