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Benefits of Being a Frequent Flier

Many businessmen and women travel on a weekly basis. This means connecting flights, layovers, and trying to stuff luggage in a tiny overhead storage compartment. This means flights with young children, people who talk to you while you are trying to sleep or work, and flights with lots of turbulence. Luckily, becoming a frequent flier makes any flight more bearable. Whether you join the club of a specific airline or choose a credit card that provides you with perks, here are a few benefits of being a frequent flier.

Free or Cheap Upgrades

As a business traveler, you’ve been stuck in economy seating- uncomfortable and unable to do any work. Instead, you should be sitting in business or first class with more room to relax or to do work. Frequent fliers have opportunities to upgrade to better seating for free or at a discount.

Early Boarding

If you choose to join an airline’s frequent flyer program, there is a good chance you will have the opportunity to board the plane early. Why is this beneficial? It allows you to settle into your seat before others board the plane. It also allows you to claim room in the overhead storage before others have an opportunity. All of your belongings will be close at hand when you are ready to depart the plane.


For some, becoming a frequent flyer means being able to use the airline’s private lounge in the airport. The space is provided to allow you to spread out and relax. These lounges are much more comfortable than the other seating options found throughout the airport.

Access to Cheaper Flights

It is no secret that flights are costly. Luckily, all of the flights you’re taking start to add up. One of the best benefits granted by frequent flyer policies is miles or points programs. You can exchange miles or points for discounts on flights and other deals through the airline or the credit card company you are using.

To find the best frequent flyer program for you, consider how much you travel and where you travel. Some airlines travel more frequently to certain places than others and may be better fits for your active work schedule. If you fly all over, join a credit card company that provides you with frequent flyer perks. Before you commit to any one program, make sure you are getting the best deal and most benefits possible.

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