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Closing The Sale: Handling Client Objections

Handling objections from clients when trying to close a sale is a natural part of the sales process. However, your ability to handle the situation can determine how successful you are as a sales professional. Despite how hard you may try, remember that not every client objection can be solved or overcome. The best sales professionals must be prepared, knowledgeable, and able to understand exactly what the client desires and needs. Here are a few tips to help you handle clients who are "riding the fence" while trying to close a sale...

1. Listen & Repeat

The most important thing when handling a client is to always listen before speaking. Too often we get caught up in our product knowledge and overlook the most important aspect of the sale...our client. Listen carefully to any hesitation or objection they have, and repeat it back so you can confidently understand their concerns.

2. Get To The Bottom Of It

When a client expresses doubt, it is often because they're afraid of committing to something they perceive as "high risk". Once you understand their concern, it is important to address their doubts and leverage the product/ service benefits that are relevant to the client's fear. Avoiding a client's concern can create distrust, and will eventually result in losing the sale.

3. Confirm and Redirect

Once you have identified and addressed their concerns, follow up with questions to reaffirm the progress of your conversation. This can help the client feel like they are a greater part of the purchase decision, and invested in what you're trying to accomplish.

These 3 tips are only a small part of how to effectively handle clients. Don't forget that establishing trust-filled relationships with customers is the best way to increase your sales.



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