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Easy Website Builders for Insurance Agents

Host Your Site

Before you begin to build your website you will need to find a Web hosting provider. Deciding where to host your site is the most important process in building your site on the web.

Free web hosts support their hosting costs by automatically adding advertising such as pop-ups, frames, and scripts. It is also sometimes limited in space, bandwidth, or software.

Standard web hosts are the most common form of paid web hosting. Once you pay for a certain amount of space on the web, the host will provide you with high-speed servers and software. Most servers provide 5GB of space.

Get a Domain Name

Although it isn’t necessary, you will want a domain name that provides additional branding and makes it easier for your clients to find your page. Domains cost money, usually between $8 and $35 a year. When deciding on a domain name, think in terms of people searching for your product. For example, Chelsea types in “world medical insurance” into Google to search for a product. If your domain name has anything to do with “medical insurance”, then your site will be dug up from the web since it relates to her search. Choose a domain name ( so that your clients can find you on the web.

Build Your Site

Make your site about the product. No one wants to enter your site and learn about you. In order to build your site, understanding HTML and CSS are very important if you are designing your site from scratch. Some site builders provide your with templates so that you don’t have to mess with HTML or CSS, such as Wordpress.

Publish Your Site

Upload your pages that you have designed onto the hosting provider that you decide on.

Promote Your Site

SEO is the easiest way to promote your site. Check out the SEO quick sheet to learn more.

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