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Helping New Employees Acclimate to Your Work Culture

Being a new employee in any office or job is intimidating. As a supervisor, manager, or boss, it is part of your job to help new employees acclimate to the culture and environment of your office. You help set the tone of the entire office, and this new hire is relying on you for support and guidance.

Onboarding a new hire can be difficult. Here are helpful tips on helping new employees acclimate to your work culture.

Make Them Feel Comfortable

One of the easiest ways to acclimate a new hire to your office is making them comfortable. If the new hire is introverted, they will be comfortable getting down to work.. If you have hired an extrovert, they enjoy hands-on explanations and having conversations. Making someone feel comfortable in the office is about getting to know them.

Introduce Them to Everyone

If you have a small working team, plan an introduction meeting so the new hire can meet everyone in the office. Allow time for everyone to introduce themselves and their role. If you work in a large office, consider introducing the new hire to the people he or she will come into contact with and work with on a regular basis.

Take Them to Lunch

Consider planning a one-on-one lunch or inviting the people the new hire will directly work with. Keep the lunch casual and allow your new employee to ask questions. This is a great time to get to know each other and help the new employee learn the culture of your office. During lunch, keep the conversation light. This is a chance to get to know your new hire on a personal level.

Follow Up with the New Hire

You should follow up with your new hire after a week or maybe even after a few weeks. Schedule a short follow-up meeting to gauge how they are acclimating to the work place. This gives you a chance to address work related issues before they become problematic.

Do you have any tips for someone preparing to onboard a new employee? How do you handle the process of introducing a new hire to your workplace culture? Leave your tips and suggestions in the comments section.

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