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Insurance Infographic: Insights On Using Social Media And Why It's Effective

Companies are constantly experimenting with how to use social media to increase sales. In the insurance market, engaging and interacting with online users has changed the industry and opened a whole new world of networking opportunities. LeadSift recently released an analysis of leading insurance companies using social media, and how they use it to become more effective in their marketing and sales efforts. More than 3.7 million posts and a series of surveys were collected and developed into this valuable infographic. Here are a few insights that we've gathered from the data provided below:

  • Don't hesitate to engage with Twitter or Facebook groups. Try using the social search engines for insurance-related keywords, and get involved with discussions while offering valuable information. Being personal and interacting with social users is a great way to generate new leads.
  • Top 3 ways insurers can benefit from social media. These benefits were surveyed answers from 10 of the biggest companies in the U.S.
  1. Marketing
  2. Customer Service
  3. New Sales Leads
  • There are 4 stages with leads in social media:
  1. Brand Awareness Stage - Users reference ads or mention something that relates to an existing brand.
  2. Need Identification Stage- Users clearly show that they have a need. If that need can be complimented by insurance, then you have your lead.
  3. Consideration & Purchase Stage- Users indicate a clear intent to purchase from a specific brand, or are asking for a referral.
  4. Post Purchase Stage- After purchasing a product, it's important to monitor your customer feedback.


You can visit the LeadSift website and view the original post here.


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