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Insurance Sales tips for Beginners

It is important that every insurance broker beginning their sales career has a place to learn how to begin. Here are some insurance sales tips to keep you ahead of the game and focused on your business.

Three approaches to selling insurance

1) The logical appeal focuses on how insurance is an expense that is part of their cost of living.

2) The responsible appeal is another insurance sales tip that appeals to the customer’s sense of personal responsibility.

3) The investment appeal focuses on the customer that wants to watch their money grow. These approaches can help you sell to a customer easier and more efficiently.


Focus on the audience

Once of the biggest mistake that sales brokers commit is talking about their preferences toward the product. Focus on how everyone else likes the product. The customer won’t be sold by your endorsement. They prefer testimonials and recommendations.


Steps to Use Direct Sales Properly

1) Obtain knowledge: Learn about your product or service, your company, your competition, your industry and your prospect.

2) Find the “Yes” person: Whether you sell to large corporations or families of four, uncover the person who has both the need for your product and the authority to pay for it.

3) Get an appointment: Develop cold-calling techniques that will get you in the door to meet face to face with the “Yes” person.

4) Present your goods or services: During a face-to-face meeting, use strategic questioning to help your prospect define his or her business needs. Explain how your product can fulfill those needs.

5) Follow up: Check back with your customer after she has purchased your product to make sure it is performing to his or her satisfaction.


Read on for more insurance sales tips and learn how to become a better broker.



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