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Sales Strategies: Become a Better Insurance Agent

Insurance agents are responsible for helping the community find appropriate protection for their health. In order to be a better agent, employing competitive sales strategies will help with your success. Here are some sales strategies to help you be a better insurance agent.

Stay up to date with technological advancements

The internet has provided insurance agents with many benefits. It attracts new clients, helps companies compete with current opponents, and allows for easy Pay Per Click advertisement. Keeping a voice recorder in your car can allow you to stay connected on the move.

Another sales strategy is to create a personal website can also be very effective for sales and can help increase Google rankings, which can make you more searchable on the web. Agents who incorporate new technology into their businesses remain competitive and stay ahead of the game.


Effective communication

Although more people are researching their insurance online, maintaining effective face to face communication with clients increases customer confidence in you and the product. Hiring a customer service representative is common amongst insurance agents, allowing them to stay focused on the task at hand. Hosting seminars establishes your importance and helps get your name out there. Creating a podcast with creative and rich content is another sales strategy to widen your fan base. Good customer service will put you ahead and build satisfied clientele.


Continued Education

Both the insurance industry and the sales marketing industry are in a constant state of evolution. Insurance laws change yearly and staying on top takes plenty of research and education related to current updates. Staying on top of additional certifications by joining organizations allows you to earn credentials and accreditation. Staying on top of your market with customer surveys helps businesses stay up to date with the target audience.


Additional tactics from the pros

  • Give freebies such as pens, mugs, calendars, and key chains
  • Think outside the box and reach to market outside your area
  • Be public
  • Start small
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