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Using Your Leads to Land a New Client

Whether you found a lead through a personal contact, a social media account, an email response, or a comment on a blog post, making the transition from someone interested to an actual purchaser can be difficult. Every client is different. You can be the best salesman in the world and still miss out on a client. Here are a few tips on using your leads to land a new client.

Every Client Is Different

What works for one client or one lead may not work for another. As you approach every lead, keep in mind that they are different from the last person you talked to and should be treated differently. It can be tricky, but when you accept that every client is different, you will have more success.

Know the Difference in Clients

Some sales are not going to happen or are not worth the trouble. You might feel that a “sale is a sale.” It can be difficult for you if you get most of the way through the sales process only to have your client back out. It is important to gauge and know at the very beginning whether your lead is actually interested or not. You do not want to waste time on a potential sale only to have it fall through.

Listen. Listen. Listen.

It is impossible to know your lead, understand their needs, or know if they are actually interested if you are not paying attention to what they are saying to you. Listening is one of the biggest aspects of sales. It does not matter if you are going door-to-door selling candles or selling insurance, you have to listen to your client in order to understand what they are looking for from you.

Connecting Is Key

The ultimate deciding factor between losing a potential client and turning a lead into a client is connecting with them. Making a sale depends on connecting with the person you are trying to sell to. Listening goes a long way in creating this connection. Part of your job is to also make lead feel like you understand what they need and respond to it.

Turning a lead into a client can be difficult. It is important to avoid becoming stressed. If you become stressed or overwhelmed, your frustration is likely to show, and may result in the loss of a potential new client. Do your best to listening to the person, connecting with them, and understanding what they need from you. Before long, you will be turning those leads into new clients.

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